Golden Bell Challenge | Teachers’ Day

How much do you know about Vietnam? How much of a challenger are you?

Let’s test your knowledge about and love for Vietnamese language, culture, traditions, people, etc. through a set of questions about daily life things in Vietnam.

Join your friends and fellow students at this upcoming exciting quiz game, the Golden Bell Challenge. It’s going to be a blast. Let’s get geared up for the challenges and a prize of 7,000,000 VND Scholarship from VLS.

– All contestants will be seated in one room
– Each contestant will be assigned a unique number and given writing materials (whiteboards, markers, etc.)
– Contestants will have 10 seconds to answer each question, using their whiteboards (paper). The questions will be in both English and Vietnamese.
o Those who get the question right will remain in the game
o Those who get the question wrong will drop out of the game
– The last person to answer the most number of questions correctly wins the game.


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