Student Discounts

Special student discounts and privileges offered by our trusted corporate partners.

With the collaboration of VLS and Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, VLS’ students can get a 10% discount on Speech and Drama Program at Anne Hill Enrichment Centre.

At Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, we believe that childhood development should not only revolve around theories and traditional subjects. We believe in nurturing future leaders by empowering them with confidence, eloquence and social skills.

Anne Hill Enrichment Centre offers a range of enrichment courses for children from 12 months to 12 years old including Vietnamese Language & Culture, Speech & Drama, Dance (Ballet, Hip Hop, African Dance), Baby Blossoms (Parents & Toddlers’ Playgroup), Music & Performance (Guitar, Ukulele, Music & Movement) and Holiday Programmes (Summer Camp, Winter Camp) that targets different skill-sets. Our holistic approach aims to build confident and expressive communication and creativity in our students.

Speech & Drama

Speech and Drama is designed to tap into children’s personal growth in representational and conceptual thought, language and communication, physical, social and emotional skills.

* Anne Hill Enrichment Centre is licensed to deliver the Julia Gabriel Speech & Drama Programmes.

Baby Blossoms (Parents & Toddlers’ Playgroup)

Baby Blossoms is a Parent & Toddler Playgroup that aims to introduce young children (ages 12 months – 3 years old) to the world beyond their homes. Children are given opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills, cognition and social interaction in a safe yet fun environment. Through various activity stations that utilise the five senses (sensorial activities), the session aims to ignite a child’s curiousity and self-exploration. Children will learn how to run, crawl, jump and interact with those around them. Essentially, Baby Blossoms is set to prepare infants for the preschool environment and learning in the future.

Music & Performance

 Guitar, Ukulele

A termly Guitar/ Ukulele course that aims to bring joy to students as they learn a new instrument. Students will learn to play the basic chords, chord progressions and eventually a full song. Forget about boring theories – the goal is for students to sing and play the instrument at the same time!

 Music & Movement

Music & Movement is a fun and dynamic programme that incorporates elements of music, dance, singing, fitness and games. Through songs, choreography and movement, students are given a chance to develop their strength, balance, rhythm, coordination and flexibility. Besides physical skills, the programme also encourages students to express themselves in a positive and nurturing environment. Interpersonal skills, confidence and self-esteem are essential for children as they grow older.

Vietnamese Language & Culture 

This is a beginner Vietnamese course designed with a strong emphasis on listening, speaking and functional fluency. Students will get the opportunity to gain conversational skills in the language while learning about the Vietnamese culture. Confidence in daily life communication – both in school and at home – is a key learning objective of this course.


Anne Hill Enrichment Centre’s dance classes are designed to help build children’s confidence towards dancing and performing in front of people. Through new lessons and techniques taught every week, they will be able to improve their motor skills and coordination. Students will also have the opportunity to experience a variety of dance styles and recognise different genres. The key objective is to become more comfortable with expressing themselves and most importantly – to stay active and have fun!

Currently we have:

– Ballet

– Hip Hop

– African Dance

Holiday Programmes

At Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, besides the enrichment courses, we also offer holiday programmes which are always full of joyments and surprises. Every year we offer Winter Camp and Summer Camp during winter and summer breaks.

For more information, please contact Anne Hill Enrichment Centre at:

With the collaboration of VLS and Biryani House, VLS’ students can get:

  • 10% off any purchase over 500,000 VND
  • 15% off any purchase over 1,000,000 VND
  • 20% off for six-person group


Biryani Indian Restaurant opened in 2020 and serves Indian food, a cuisine that promotes local food cultures and seasonal ingredients.

It is located on a busy corner street in District 1, HCMC. With glazed frontage on two sides of the building, overlooking the Dong khoi street and a bustling Ho Chi Minh City intersection.

With the collaboration of VLS and Star Kitchen, VLS’ students can get 50,000VND off for any cooking class or purchase of cake


STAR KITCHEN is a cooking studio & bakery from Japan. “Make Your Life Sparkling” is our mission what we would love to bring through our products and services. Our cakes are all hand-made by the professional pastry chef with full of passion, freshly baked every day with carefully selected high-quality ingredients.

With the collaboration of VLS and Te Te Craft Beer, VLS’ students can get a 5% off for any kind of beverages.


Tê Tê Brewing is inspired by the idea of classic craft brews with a twist for Vietnamese culture and climate, always made with all natural local and imported ingredients and unfiltered, keeping all the good stuff inside.

With the collaboration of VLS and Evolve Mobility International, VLS’ students can get a $100 voucher to use their service.


Hotline: 0969 282 222

Evolve Mobolity International is a moving & relocation specialists providing a wide range of services such as: 

  • Moving & Relocation services by sea and airfreight – No move is too big or too small. We can arrange for professional packers who will pack to your requirements for moves into Vietnam/out of Vietnam/local/office.
  • Logistics services – Worldwide shipping, air, sea and land freight forwarding.
  • Support and care services – Home search, work permit, school search, termination & departure services, temporary accommodation, office search…
  • Warehousing and storage solutions – Our warehouse is purpose built to provide top standards utilising the most modern equipment.
  • Recycling warriors – We are devoted to caring for our environment and this effect, we have partnered with Vietnam’s leading recycling company to initiate a brand new, structured recycling program for all our relocation services. 
  • Charity support: Monthly sales at our warehouse of donated goods to raise money for Vietnamese charity organisations. 

What VLS’s students get from this collaboration? a $100 voucher to use their service. So don’t hesitate to contact VLS to get it.

With the collaboration of VLS and Ecolotus, VLS’ students can get a 15% discount for all products.


Hotline: 0839696927 

Ecolotus provides astonishingly beautiful handmade products made from processed lotuses.

With the collaboration of VLS and Hoozing, VLS’ students can get:

  • 20% off for one-year contract
  • 10% off for six-month contract

Discount will be applied on the first month rent.


Hotline: 1900 3100

HOOZING TECH – EMPOWERED BROKERAGE COMPANY is a pioneer company creating a transparent real estate market and promoting transactions in Vietnam easily and quickly through a technology-based breakthrough led by a team of top experts.

With the motto “Can say, can do”, Hoozing has launched a series of typical technology Products:

  • The real estate business operation system has been in use for more than 5 years.
  • Hoozing Agent App connects and trades with over 10,000 market agents
  • Hoozing App – the online real estate buying & selling application helps customers easily search and buy and sell real estate anytime and anywhere

Hoozing is committed to being Accurate, Transparent, Efficient and Professional on all information, products and services that we offer. Enthusiastic sales staff are committed to consulting and serving customers quickly, promptly and most conscientiously. To achieve the ultimate mission is that everyone makes the right decisions and has a satisfying trading experience at Hoozing.

With the collaboration of VLS and Homebase, VLS’ students can get a 20% discount on financing cost.


Hotline: 0948 23 00 33

Homebase provides financing for ex-pats to buy property in Vietnam and allows you to access other classes of property traditionally not available for ex-pats (local quota, landed property, villas, etc.).

With Homebase, you can:

✔ Own more of the home each time you pay rent
✔ Choose almost any unit and in any type of property
✔ Access financing up to 70% of the property value

With the collaboration of VLS and Saigon on Motorbike, VLS’ students can get a 5% discount for all motorbike tour (not including morning tour)


Hotline: 0987 271 754

Saigon on motorbike is a travelling service on bike around HCM city provided by Vietnam street foods Co., LTD from 2014. Despite our short – time of running, Saigon on motorbike has achieved lots of goals and received a lot of compliments and encouragement from customers as a result of our good quality service.

Saigon on motorbike has been working with the main aim of becoming one of the best tourism – on bike service provider in Ho Chi Minh City and has been contributing our effort to promote Vietnam’s tourism brand to the world. To accomplish that goal, all our services are made only to satisfy our customers who will have an enjoyable time in Vietnam – one of the countries which have the highest motorbike traffic density all over the world.

With the collaboration of VLS and Garden in House, VLS’ Student can get a 5% discount on any purchase.


Hotline: 0896 406 802

With a diverse selection of shrubs, trees, flowers and plants, we have everything you need to brighten up your lovely home.